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Trick Fork Phase 1

Trick Fork Phase 1

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The Trick Fork Specialized Suspension Caster Fork was initially developed for Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham to perfect his radical freestyle chairskating antics.  The Pro Sport Shock Absorber has a similar design as Frog Legs’  traditional everyday shock featuring a “hinge” encapsulating an energy-absorbing polyurethane cylinder.

The trick fork has a longer “trail” to prevent wheel flutter/oscillation at high speeds.  Wheel Trail is the distance from the stembolt attachment of the caster fork to the wheelchair and the contact patch of the wheel.  You see, the longer the trail the better stability the wheel will have jetting down a ramp.

The Frog Legs Trick Fork Absorber has been overbuilt to handle grinding, shredding and ramp jumping with thicker sidewall sections, solid ultra-strong stem bolts, and a heavy duty polymer lockout for safe landings.   

This Action Trick Wheelchair Frog Legs Shock Absorber will accommodate a 3 or 4 inch diameter caster wheel.  As with all Frog Legs Forks the Sport Fork Shock Absorber comes with a lifetime warranty.   We bet you’ll break every bone in your body before you break these beasts.

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