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Worlds Best Wheelchair Suspension Forks and Caster Wheels


Frog Legs Inc. manufactures a variety of precision built, quality impact absorbing products. Regardless of what make or model of wheelchair you use, Frog Legs has a solution!

Frog Legs is the world-wide expert in wheelchair suspension. With over 25 years experience, we manufacture the original and best wheelchair shock absorbing caster forks available. Attention to even the smallest detail has resulted in the lightest, strongest, most functional high-resilient urethane caster wheels developed specifically for wheelchairs.


WOW!! I can’t believe I waited so long to try them!! While at Abilities Expo in Houston I met the designer and he offered me a no obligations trial of the Frog Legs. We discussed many other wheelchair design issues, concepts and he explained the very awesome custom chair
he designed and built. By that time this discussion ended I was certain from his knowledge the trial would be a purchase. The Frogs Legs were installed and we headed outside so I could find some rough terrain for a proper test. Again, all I can say is WOW!! PS. The headlight “Frog Eyes” is also a great item. I mounted mine under the sling to shine out between my legs.

James J.

“Frog Legs are the best thing to happen to wheelchairs since breaks! If you have ever been thrown from your wheelchair at a not-so-flat curb cut, or jarred your back teeth loose going over rocks and bumps, you need Frog Legs…smooth out the bumps and jolts that can cause back pain and injury. I’ll never go back to rigid, nonflexible casters. I’m a Frog Legs customer for life!”

Angela C.

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my Frog Legs! I have had them on my chair since August of last year, and they are just tremendous! I had the opportunity to travel to England with them on, and I have to say they made a tremendous difference in being able to get around on the cobblestones and rickety pavement there. And, for my day to day traveling around the city of Chicago where I live, they have kept me upright on more than one occasion! Thanks for coming up with such a great product. Keep up the good work!”

Linda M.

"Hi to all at Frog Legs.  Thanks for creating such a Great Product.  I used to make a big deal about the Bridgestone's that my Peterbilt rolled on, now I depend on your products to get my body wherever I need to go.  Thanks, they truly make a difference in the way my chair performs"

Joey V.

"I was coming home with heavy groceries in my backpack and on my lap.  I was too tired and it was all too heavy for me to try and wheelie a bit over the part of sidewalk the tree roots have raised so I had to trust my Froglegs. I can't thank you enough for what happened.  My Froglegs let me ride right over that edge sticking up.  My fear everyday is that I am going to pitch out of my chair if I am not paying attention.  Everyday Froglegs keep me safe.  It's an amazing feeling."

Cole R.

“Amazing! It was almost night and day, cruising the canals and cobblestones without much jumping up front. Much, much smoother ride. I love my micro frogs! You folks make an awesome product! I’m telling everyone how great they are, and Amsterdam was the perfect test. Thanks again.”

Jeff B.

“I can go more places, faster, with less pain. Before, I had a heck of a time getting around in my own house. I’d get stuck at doorways and throw my back out. Now I hop right over, and Frog Legs are a dream on grass and gravel. I’ve put away my muscle relaxers.”

Cindy K.

Thanks to Sean for installing the Frog Legs on my daughter’s chair at the abilities expo in Boston! Not only do they help out with vibration they make her chair roll 100 percent easier which is a great help considering me just getting a knee replacement. I can now push her with one hand. Thanks again!


I have a Top End Terminator rear suspension chair and whenever I go over bumps such as going through doorways over thresholds it makes my leg spasm and it hurts really badly. I am ordering the Frog Legs front suspension forks and I am quite sure that it will reduce the pain of the muscle spasms from all the good reviews I have read in the past and I cannot wait to get them installed on my chair to ease the pain of the spasms!!! Thank You Frog Legs for making an outstanding product!!!

Joe B.

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