Collection: Wheels

  • Randall Parr - Oregon

    "Just want to say thanks for working so hard to create such a great product. I have used both Frog Legs and Bull Frogs on five different chairs and counting. There is no other suspension caster or at least there is no reason to even look any further."

  • Cindy Kaufman- India

    “I can go more places, faster, with less pain. Before, I had a heck of a time getting around in my own house. I’d get stuck at doorways and throw my back out. Now I hop right over, and Frog Legs are a dream on grass and gravel. I’ve put away my muscle relaxers.”

  • Nick Morozoff- Australia

    “You have a brilliant product. I’m a para and they came to me just in time for my wedding. I fitted them to my wheelchair and would not be without Frog Legs or my wife. Thanks for the smooth start to married life.”