"I feel so much safer now going where I need to go"

"It's been two months now and it's hard to believe how much difference there's been.  The Frog Legs have not only made my riding smoother but so much safer.  I've had a few times when the only thing that kept me from tumbling out were the FL suspension.

I waited a while before I said anything because I really wanted to see what it was like living with the new stuff and it helped and held up in everyday situations.  One thing that had kept me from getting Frog Legs sooner was because I had heard about problems with flutter.  I have taken my chair down long steep hills pretty fast, many times now.  ZERO problems.  The FL's run great at any speed.  

I feel so much safer now going where I need to go.  One less thing to worry about - getting stuck on a crack or lip.  I can pay more attention to where I am going and keeping safe in traffic.  I really feel confident in my suspension and it's a great feeling.

I also wanted to say that the Frog Shields are terrific too.  I took them through our rainy season and it was really storming.  No problems.  No rust or lock up in the bearings.  Installing the shields was easier than replacing the caster without them.  In fact you could get the Shields just to make installing  casters easier.

So, thank you to everyone at Frog Legs for the great stuff and service.  Keep making stuff and I'll keep buying it ?"

Cole R., 21 years using a chair

San Francisco, CA

 "There is no reason to look any further"

"Just want to say thanks for working so hard to create such a great product. I have used both Frog Legs and Bull Frogs on five different chairs and counting. There is no other suspension caster or at least there is no reason to even look any further."

Randall Parr

Jefferson, OR USA

“A dream.”

“I can go more places, faster, with less pain. Before, I had a heck of a time getting around in my own house. I’d get stuck at doorways and throw my back out. Now I hop right over, and Frog Legs are a dream on grass and gravel. I’ve put away my muscle relaxers.”

Cindy Kaufman, Private Investigator

South Bend, Indiana


“Smooth out jolts.”

“Bumps can shift Jason in his chair and make it hard to keep his head up. These smooth out jolts and help him keep his balance. He doesn’t have to back up as much to turn corners or for narrow spaces. And he can go out in the yard and on paths through the woods.”

Shirley Niederman, Jason’s mother

Jason Bradford, Student and Iowa Ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy

Urbana, Iowa


“I can’t say enough.”

“Really, they’re just incredible. With MS, you get fatigued easily…less jarring which means fewer spasms and tremors. I can zoom right over things like garden hoses. And I can actually accelerate downhill going over pebbles. How many manual chair users can say that?”

Carl Shaffner, Lanoha Nursery

Omaha, Nebraska



I can cruise along without worrying if my legs are going to start having spasms if I hit a small bump or curb cutout…gratitude.”

Bob Ness

Chicago, Illinois


“Frog Legs zealot!”

“Your forks just endured trial by fire during a recent trip to Washington, D.C., home of more potholes than pavement. Your forks saved me from being sprawled on the ground several times. I am now a Frog Legs zealot!”

Laurie Monserrat

Orange County, California


“I love my Frog Legs!”

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my Frog Legs! I have had them on my chair since August of last year, and they are just tremendous! I had the opportunity to travel to England with them on, and I have to say they made a tremendous difference in being able to get around on the cobblestones and rickety pavement there. And, for my day to day traveling around the city of Chicago where I live, they have kept me upright on more than one occasion! Thanks for coming up with such a great product. Keep up the good work!”

Linda Mastandrea, Attorney at Law

Chicago, Illinois



“Amazing! It was almost night and day, cruising the canals and cobblestones without much jumping up front. Much, much smoother ride. I love my micro frogs! You folks make an awesome product! I’m telling everyone how great they are, and Amsterdam was the perfect test. Thanks again.”

Jeff Beverly


“Like riding in a Cadillac.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I ordered Frog Legs in March just before my vacation to Myrtle Beach. They came in April, just in time for my trip. When my companion put them on my chair the day before we left, I couldn’t believe it, I said it was just like riding in a Cadillac. I have had such good luck with them. I can even go on grass and gravel. They are great. I don’t know how I lived without them. Thank you so much.”

Pamala J. Hughes


“By far the best.”

“I have been a wheelchair user since ’87, and I recently received my new Terminator SS that comes standard with Frog Legs. I would like to say that Frog Legs are by far the best improvement made to wheelchair design. Frog Legs smooth out the ride entirely. Thank you.”

Dr. Samual Morton

Newport News, Virginia


“Smooth ride.”

I would like to say great job on the Bull Frog Legs I received for one of my customers. She enjoys the smooth ride in her 22” wheelchair that used to be bumpy and destroy forks quite often. It’s been three months and all good news.”

David Adler, Adler Medical Supply


“Customer for life!”

“Frog Legs are the best thing to happen to wheelchairs since breaks! If you have ever been thrown from your wheelchair at a not-so-flat curb cut, or jarred your back teeth loose going over rocks and bumps, you need Frog Legs…smooth out the bumps and jolts that can cause back pain and injury. I’ll never go back to rigid, nonflexible casters. I’m a Frog Legs customer for life!”

Angela Cook, Ms. Wheelchair California (1999-2000)


“Super product.”

I just got your fine product installed on my Quickie GPV. I have CP and Spina Bifida and am quite spastic. For the first time ever, my back doesn’t spasm going over bumps and curbs, and my chair control is much improved. Thanks Frog Legs for improving my life.”

Kent Teffeteller



“Terrific addition to my chair… Thanks again for a great product.”





“You have a brilliant product. I’m a para and they came to me just in time for my wedding. I fitted them to my wheelchair and would not be without Frog Legs or my wife. Thanks for the smooth start to married life.”

Nick Morozoff

Sydney, Australia


“Thank you.”

“…I had an accident… Without Frog Legs, the front forks on the chair would be bent or broken, and I would have been on the ground. Instead the Frog Legs took all the pressure and saved me from being dumped… I just want to thank you people for making the Frog Legs.”

Ms. Lee Brinkman

Berenfield, New Jersey


“Before I added Frog Legs I could never relax.”

Harley Thomas, a T5 para from Washington, D.C., uses Frog Legs on a non-suspended chair: “Before I added Frog Legs, I could never relax for fear of hitting a bump or hole, and flying out of my chair. Now the ride is so smooth I actually mounted a coffee cup holder on the front of my chair.”


“I don’t feel as fatigued at the end of the day.”

Ken Jones from Wenonah, N.J., has Multiple Sclerosis. He uses Bull Frogs on an Invacare Ranger X suspended power chair: “It seems curb cuts are never properly designed. They always have this lip on them, and it really jolts you. I saw the Bull Frogs, liked the way they were designed, and bought them on the spot. They work great. I can run over a 3-inch pothole and it’s no problem. Without the Bull Frogs, the fork would be broken. The suspension on the back of the chair really helps too. I don’t feel as fatigued at the end of the day. I can see, with the addition of Bull Frogs, going places the chair wouldn’t have been able to go before.”


“I love them.”

Robyn Steenback, a T12 para from Tannersville, PA, uses Frog Legs FL6 forks: “I’ve had Frog Legs for a year and I love them. I live in an area of lots of rough terrain and lots of snow. Before I got Frog Legs, I would hit a pothole or soft grass and fall out of my chair. With the Spring of Frog Legs, I just keep on rolling.”


“I don’t feel the bumps and jolts.”

Mike Zangari from Long Island, N.Y., has Spina Bifida and uses Frog Legs on an Invacare Top End Terminator SS: “With the full suspension I don’t feel the bumps and jolts. I also like the Frog Legs because I can use 3-inch casters and not flip forward. With the rear suspension, I feel less fatigued at the end of the day. I won’t ever go back to a non-suspended chair.”


“A whole new ride.”

“The other night at the balloon races I had the wheelchair out and having troubles getting around a bit. I ran across the Chelgrens and Mark was checking out the chair and he told me he can make it much better with the grass, bumps, and overall ride. Well with back issues overall ride is huge! This morning they turned it into a whole new ride. Wow, what a difference that made. Thanks, Frog Legs for making my world a better place to live. Best logo ever too!”