Shock Absorbing Caster Forks for Manual Chairs

Imagine being able to roll right over brickwork, cobblestones, broken sidewalks, or door jams. Imagine being able to relax, conserve energy and ride in more comfort and safety. Frog Legs Shock Absorbing caster forks eliminate 76% of all shock and provide the front casters the ability to lift back, up and over obstacles to minimize pitching.


Order Help

Make:  Locate the appropriate make and model of your chair.

Weight:  Choose your weight range to achieve the maximum rider experience.

Caster barrel to floor:  Proper caster barrel to floor height impacts the tilt of the chair.

Desired wheel diameter:  Choose your desired wheel diameter, NOTE: Maximum wheel diameter is 2" less than the Caster Barrel to Floor height.




In the event that your specific requirements are not available from the selection boxes please call customer service for a custom solution.

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